The Artlands Victoria tagline, sharing knowledge, trading resources and exchanging gifts at a time of ceremony and gathering, is taken from the Chairperson of the Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation, Trent Nelson’s welcome in the Dja Dja Wurrung Country Plan 2014 -2034.

"Dja Dja Wurrung People learned much from land and shared their knowledge, traded resources and exchanged gifts with neighbouring clans and mobs during times of ceremony and gathering together to mark special times." Trent Nelson, Chair Dja Dja Wurrung Corporation. 2014 -2034 Dja Dja Wurrung Country Plan


Expanding from the tagline, the framework for Artlands Victoria has been developed from the nine goals outlined in the Dja Dja Wurrung Country Plan and reinterpreted into an arts policy and practice context. The program will be founded within multi-art, cross-industry and inter-generational regional connections, linking state-wide arts experiences and presentations to the conference program.

The final layer of the framework is the link between arts and industry. Artlands Victoria will stimulate and connect artists and arts organisations; it will showcase the unique places of regional Victoria where work is created and experienced; build capacity and develop leadership.

The framework connects arts and regional industries that are exporting growth, productivity and innovation in a regional context and curates a conversation that actively positions the arts within and alongside:

Practice and Process
Cross Industries
Creative Risk

A message from Regional Arts Victoria


  1. Hold the Date

    September, 2017

    Artlands Victoria will be held from 10-14 October 2018 in Bendigo and Castlemaine. Keep in touch via Regional Arts Victoria social media and sign up to the e-news.

  2. Expressions of interest open

    October, 2017

    There will be a rolling timeline announcing different projects and their associated expressions of interest till July 2018.

  3. Lead-in projects confirmed

    December, 2017

    Exciting artistic projects will happen across the state throughout 2018, linking Victorian industries and connecting multi-art forms.

  4. Call for papers and plenary submissions

    February, 2018

    A call for papers / plenary submissions / abstracts, workshop proposals and a multi-disciplinary poster room(s) will open in early 2018.

  5. Early-bird registrations

    May, 2018

    Early-bird registrations will open – full event packages and day passes will be available.

  6. Online program and general registrations

    July, 2018

    Online program announcement and general registrations open.

  7. Last-minute registrations and packages

    September, 2018

    Last-minute registrations and packages released

  8. Artlands Victoria

    10-14 October, 2018

    Artlands is now the largest regional arts gathering in Australia with a proud history of signature events delivered across Australia. Artlands Victoria will be held from 10-14 October 2018 in Bendigo and Castlemaine.


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Call for Papers & Presentations
A call for papers, presentations, workshops and multi-disciplinary poster room(s) proposals will open in February, 2018. We are looki...
Partners and Sponsorship
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A Changing Landscape / Mt Gambier, SA
Making Waves / Esperance, WA
Groundswell / Albury, NSW
Meeting Place / Horsham, VIC
The Pacific Edge / Mackay, QLD
Art at the Heart / Alice Springs, NT LINK
Junction / Launceston, TAS LINK
Kumuwuki / Goolwa, SA LINK
Arts & Edges / Kalgoorlie, WA LINK
Artlands / Dubbo, NSW LINK