Local Curated Works

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To make an artwork is to make a gift, to present it publicly is to initiate an exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Selected artworks made by visual artists from the central regions of Victoria will be exhibited in the historic locations that make up the Artlands precinct. Containing responses to change, transition and impermanence, the works will combine with the built environment to create a material expression of remembrance.

Hailing from the regions between the Blackwood forests of Trentham to the Mallee town of Chinkapook, participating exhibiting artists include Donna Bailey, Garry Bish, Denis Chapman, Paul Fletcher, Gabriele Martin, Tashara Roberts, Alex Sanson, Sir Leslie Thornton, Karen Ward and Robby Wirramanda. A Projection Gallery at Ulumbarra Theatre will also feature photo media works by ten artists and studios including Jeff Moorfoot, Lake Tyrell Arts, Dianne Longley of Agave Studios, Ellie Young of Gold Street Studios and Jessie Boylan of Lumina Collective.

Image: Robby Wirramanda, Njanjera Direl Direlug, to observe sky heaven, 2017. Archival Print on rag paper